Helium Tank Rentals

Warning: Due to the worldwide helium shortage we cannot guarantee that we will have rental tanks available at any given time.  Sorry.

   Fill Your own balloons on-site!

Each tank rental includes easy to use valve that allows you to make your balloons ahead of time or as you need then.

All rentals require a Visa or Mastercard as a deposit. Cash or checks will not be accepted.

Depending on the event you are planning, we have tank sizes that will suit your needs.

Tank Sizes Available:

Tank Size

11" balloon

fill capacity*

Price of tank
Deposit required
20 cf
40 cf
120 cf
150 cf

* Fill capacity is approximate. If balloons are blown too large (the neck

begins to look pear shaped) you will get a smaller fill rate from your tank.

PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE BALLOONS, CLIPS, OR CURLING RIBBON.  We recommend that you buy a package of balloon clips ($2.99 per gross), and a bolt of 3/16" curling ribbon (500yrds for $2.50) in the color of your choice.

Tanks sizes are subject to availability. Reservations are accepted. All rentals must be returned within 2 days, or Monday if rented on a Friday.  

Responsibility for helium equipment remains with the renter from the time of receipt to the time of return. Please be sure the equipment is secured when transporting as well as where you are using the tank. Helium tanks are highly pressurized, they can be very dangerous if they are exposed to impact from jarring or falling.

Tank and valve must be protected from excessive heat (inside cars or trunks) and from rain.  Never leave a tank in your car during hot summer months!!

We do charge for missing, or damaged parts. Never breathe in helium as serious medical problems may occur!!