One dozen inflated 11" latex balloons $10.99


Inflated latex balloons only last for six to eight hours, bear that in mind when you pick a time for them to be blown up. Inflated mylars however, last for a few days, so mylar balloons can be blown up further in advance for a party than latex balloons can be.

Balloon Delivery: We can deliver balloons within a ten mile radius of the Danville store for $30.00. Depending on the distance, we can negotiate a higher price for deliveries further than a ten mile radius of the Danville store. You can order balloon deliveries from any Boswell's Party Store; however the ten mile radius delivery charge is ALWAYS based from the Danville store since our delivery truck must begin from that location.

Minimum order for balloon delivery: 6 dz

Deliveries will be scheduled to arrive within a 60 minute window.

Because of the potential of spoiling the surprise, we regret that we cannot deliver balloons to a surprise party of any kind.